Camouflage: All Change!

Many animals birds and fish are endangered because their habitat is under threat. Climate change is happening fast. Animals can not evolve fast enough to adapt.
One way animals protect themselves is through camouflage so they they can hide from predators.
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Imagine you lived in this mangrove swamp, what would your camouflage look like?

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Imagine these flowers were your home, what would your camouflage look like?

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Imagine you lived on the surface of this pond what would your camouflage look like?

Download and Do!

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Download and draw in camouflage patterns for the whale that had to adapt to the field of flowers, the child that evolved to look like lily leaves and the goat who found a new place to live in a mangrove swamp.
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The patterns on these fish evolved to adapt to a new life in a basket of ground nuts !