Over the years animals have been used in art to help tell a message. If someone has a picture of a lion or a rhinoceros in their home what does it say about them? If someone has a picture of a mouse or a worm what does it say about them?

In the 21st Century, many animals are endangered. They are represented in art by artists who advocate to protect the environment.

Copyright Benin Art

 A pair of 16th century bronze leopards from Benin, Nigeria. Bronze leopards like this used to guard the entrance to the Obas’ palace.

Copyright Jose Rodriguez

A 20th century traditional Yoruba beaded crown. Glass beads were very valuable. What do you think the elephant and eagle represent?

Copright falko1 Graffiti

A mural by CALDER in Cape Town, South Africa. Even a small house can be a canvas for the biggest animal !

Copyright William Kentridge, South Africa 2019

 “Rhinocerous” by William Kentridge, South Africa 2019. The rhinocerous is a firece and wild animal. Why do you think the artist has drawn a food bowl at its mouth? 

Copyright Cai Guo-Qiang

“Heritage” by Cai Guo-Qiang,Australia 2013. Animals and humans alike need access to clean water.

Copyright Polly Alakija

 “Bellyful” Painted jerry can 2019, Ijebu, Nigeria.

What animal would you choose to represent who you are? How will you portray this animal? Are you ready to get drawing, painting and sculpting? Let’s go !