Protection Please !

The Elephant is the symbol of the Nigerian Police. Why do you think this is?
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You see elephants represented in traditional bead art, in carvings and sometimes on old buildings. Elephants represent power and strength.
Copright Bamilleke Mask, Cameroon
Bamileke Elephant Mask from Cameroon.
Nigeria used to have one of the largest elephant populations in the world. Now, because of hunting and the destruction of their natural habitat there are very few of them left.
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Street Artist ROA paints murals of endangered animals on buildings all over the world.
Did you know an elephant drinks about 200 litres of water a day? That is 100 times the amount of water you drink! Hunters kill elephants so that they can collect the tusks as a trophy. Pangolins are killed as some people falsely believe that medicine made from their scales can make them strong.
Copyright ROA
Copyright ROA
Pangolins across Africa are under threat. ROA has painted pangolins in South Africa and Gambia.
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To protect themselves from predators pangolins roll themselves into a ball.

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You can download and cut out your own pangolin.
You can download and cut out your own elephant.
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