Insect Keleidoscope

Christopher Marley is an artist from USA. He travels the world looking for materials to work with.

He creates beautiful designs that celebrate the beauty of animals and insects. He uses his work to advocate for the protection the the natural environment.

Copyright Christopher Marley, Elegans Prism, 2015
“Elegans Prism”
We depend on all insects to keep a balance in nature. 40% of insect species are under threat. What will all the animals, birds and fish eat?
Copyright Christopher Marley
Many insects lay their eggs in water. These eggs provide food for many fish.
Copyright 2020 National Pest Management Association
Mosquitos larvae.
Copyright Ross Hoddinott
A dragon fly laying eggs.

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Download and Do and colour in your own insect kaleidoscope.
Copyright Polly Alakija
Can you design new coats for these bugs?