Joseph Cartoon Is From Kenya

Joseph loves patterns.
Sometimes it seems as if the animals and people are hiding in the pictures, they are sometimes hard to see.

Copyright Jospeh Cartoon
Copyright Jospeh Cartoon
Sometimes artists don’t give their work titles. These two paintings are “untitled”. What title would you give to them?
Many animals birds and fish use camouflage so they are difficult to see. This is one way that they protect themselves. Now that there are so many people on the planet there is less room for the animals so we need to help protect them too.
Copyright Kate Mcalpine, University of Michigan
Copyright Tane Sinclair-Taylor,
Some animals and fish can even change how they smell in order to protect themselves. These fish look like the coral around them and can change how they smell so they smell like coral too.

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Here are two of Josephs’ pictures for you to colour in. You can add your own patterns. Are you going to give your animals and fish camouflage?