Story Dice: Here and Now

Where are you right now? What is all around you? Describe what you see.
What was here, one week ago? One year ago? 50 years ago? Two hundred years ago? Did where you are always look like this ? Who lived here before you? Did elephants, crocodiles live here? Was this once a swamp or a forest?
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The Sahara Desert was once covered by water.

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Timbuktu, Mali 1858

What will be here in a weeks time? In one years time? In 50 years time? In two hundred years time? Who will live here then? And will this place be better healthier and happier? How are YOU going to make this a better place?
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Where we now have oil rigs and cities there used to be swamps and waterways.


Is this how we will live in the future?

1. Draw squares on a large piece of paper.

2. Write a year in each square. You can go far back in history and into the future.

Story Board
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3. Make two dice, you can use the templates here.

4. On one dice draw animals.

5. On the second dice write numbers.

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6. Roll the dice on the board and make up a story about the year your dice has landed on, and the animal on the dice. The number on the second dice will tell you how many animals to have in your story.

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