Let's Draw Birds

Here are some birds in African Art.
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Wooden carved Baga bird from Guinea.
Copyright www.Amara.com
Beaded hoopoe from South Africa.
Copyright African Art Gallery
Benin bronze cockerel from Nigeria.
Look at these amazing African birds that live on or near water. These birds are all endangered because their food and habitat is under threat due to pollution and contamination.
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Fish Eagle
Copyright Hitesh Parmar
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African Pygmy Goose
Look at animals and birds around you. So many things are made up of oval and round shapes. If you can draw a circle and an oval you can draw birds ! Practice makes perfect! Practice drawing the basic shapes first.
Start practising drawing curves.
Try drawing circles of different sizes and concentric circles.
Now have a go at ovals and spirals.
Try drawing wings and overlapping feathers.
Use simple shapes to draw birds in different positions.
Now you have got the hang of it !
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