Is your water really clean? This is tap water looked at under a microscope.
Copyright Robert Owen Lehman Collection, Courtesy Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Fiévet. Benin bronze plaque.

Nigeria circa 1750. This bronze plaque was one of over one thousand that decorated the Royal Palace of the Kingdom of Benin.

Copyright Maurice Fiévet

Maurice Fiévet 1915 – 1997 from France travelled all over Africa painting the people he met. 

“Fisherman in the Niger Delta”.

Copyright Joana Choumali

Joana Choumali is from Côte d’Ivoire. She takes photographs and uses embroidery to tell stories. When you use more than one technique this is called “mixed-media”.

“There Is No Finish Line”. 2019. 

Copyright Victor Ekpuk

Victor Ekpuk is from Nigeria. He uses ancient Nsibidi and Uli symbols from South East Nigeria that date back hundreds of years. 

“Another Fishermans’ Story”. 

Copyright Samantha Reinders

In Ghana when someone dies, their life is celebrated at funerals and coffins are made that reflect what that person did during their lifetime.

Which one of these artworks is your favourite? Now it is your turn to create a piece of artwork that illustrates “Bellyfull”.