Shape And Shadows

Copyright Giorgio Morandi Galleria d’Arte Maggiore G.A.M. Bologna
Some artists like to draw shapes and shadows.
Still Life of Vases on a Table
Giorgio Morandi
How do you make a flat shape look like an object?
How do you make a square look like a cube?
How do you make a rectangle look like a cylinder?
How do you make a circle look like a sphere?
Here is how!
You can draw shapes and shadows in different ways.
You can shade by making lots of little lines with your pencil. 
Start drawing and imagine that your hand starts feels very light.
Now your hand gets heavier and the pencil presses harder on the page.
Start with simple shapes then start drawing things you see around you.
Keep on looking at the object you are drawing.
Remember that practice makes perfect!
What is on your table today
Can you draw it using shapes and shadows?