Copyright AWeith
What is your favourite colour? 
Is it WHITE?
Is white a colour?
What does white make you think of?
Does white make you think of something cold and not friendly? 
Is this iceberg really white? Have a close look at it.
Is cassava flour white?
Why do you think many Nurses wear white?
Does white make you think of something clean?
Copyright Ruth Phipps
How can we see the folds in this painting of fabric by Ruth Phipps? 

Ruth Phipps loves to paint shadows.
“Swallow” around the world is often white, or different shades of white.

What colour are noodles?
Copyright Chef Lolas’ Kitchen
What colour is pounded yam?

From a circle to a ball of pounded yam.
How are you going to do this with just a pencil?

Have a good look at a bowl of “swallow”.
Can you make a sketch of it?

Here are some empty bowls.

Can you draw something white going inside, outside, around, on top, underneath or in-front of the bowls?