Copyright Albert Eckhout
Some artists like to paint pictures of things that are a part of their daily life, like their food. 

You can do this too.
This painting was painted 400 years ago when cassava was not well known around the world. 

Manioc is another name for cassava.
Albert Eckhout  “Manioc”
Brasil 1650
Copyright CR Tarsila do Amaral Licenciamentos
This picture is not very realistic but you can see that crops have been harvested. It feels like the end of a long hot day at the farm.

Can you paint a picture of crops from a farm near you?
This painting was painted about 100 years ago.
Tarsila Do Amaral  “Setting Sun”
Brasil 1929
Copyright Gerrard Sekoto Trust
Mealie meal is the staple diet in South Africa. 

Mealie meal is made from maize. It is then made into bread and “swallow” in different ways.

This painting of a lady preparing mealie meal is 80 years old.
Gerard Sekoto 
South Africa 1946
Copyright Okundayo Olubayo
A batik is a picture on fabric made using wax and fabric dye. Batik can be used to make a pattern or it can be used to paint a picture.
Okundayo Olubayo
“Farmers at work”
Ibadan 1990 
Sometimes farmers work on their own land. Some farmers like to join together and work with each other to be able to produce more.
In this mural you see farmers in South Africa growing lots of different crops on their farm.
A mural is a painting on a wall.

What did you eat today?

Where did it come from?

Can you make a drawing of your food?