Naming Ceremony

At your naming ceremony your family prayed for you to be healthy and happy.

Usually babies arrive one at a time.
Sometimes babies come along with company!

Yussuf Grillo 

“Mother of Twins”

Copyright Yussuf Grillo
What items would you include in your naming ceremony and why?
Copyright Babajide Olatunji

This looks like a photograph but it is a drawing by Babajide Olatunji.
Babajide likes to draw pictures of things that hold a special meaning at ceremonies.

“Aroko 12”


Let us cut out some new born babies from paper. 

Here is how to cut out one baby:

What prayer will you make for your baby?
Can you draw your special item from your prayer on your baby?
What happens if more than one baby is born at once?

One baby                                        Twins                                                       Triplets

Copyright Polly Alakija

Quadruplets                                                                         Quintuplets