What do you like to collect? Some people like to collect beautiful artefacts.

Copyright Trustees of the British Museum
This little camel is made from clay. It is from Egypt. It is 1900 years old! It has a harness on its back. It might have been carrying salt across the desert.
Copyright Twins Seven Seven

“Babys’ Naming Ceremony” Twins Seven Seven 1990 Nigeria

All people around the world celebrate the arrival of a baby with prayers and blessings.

Copyright David Dale

“Trans Sahara” David Dale 2009 Nigeria

How can you tell that these camels are somewhere very hot? The red background is not painted. The background is made of lots of tiny beads glued onto a piece of card.

Copyright Jeronimo Martins Worlds’ Magazine

“The Spice Route” 2016 Jeronimo Martins

This map is made from different spices from around the world. You can do this too! Start your own collection of seeds and spices!

Copyright Honour Jolliffe

“Chilli Peppers” Honor Jolliffe  2020

What color are your favorite peppers?

Which is your favorite artwork? Can you make a copy of it?

Artworks get given names too. What will you name yours ?

Copyright Polly Alakija