You are what you eat, so it is important we learn about food to make sure we are eating the right vitamins and minerals to keep us healthy.
Pepper is often used in prayers at naming ceremonies because the seeds inside a pepper represents the abundance of life.
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Twins Seven Seven

“Naming Ceremony”

Ibadan, Nigeria 1990

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Salt is often used in prayers so that the child’s life will be special.

People all over the world love pepper. There are 50,000 types of pepper.

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Japanese Illustration from 1804

Once upon a time peppers only grew in South America. Portuguese explorers brought peppers to Nigeria and the rest of the world in their trade ships. 

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Pepper is delicious and it is also good for you. If you are not feeling well pepper soup will always make you feel better!

Salt is a mineral. It has always been valuable because it makes our food taste special. We need some minerals to keep us healthy. Some salt has iodine added to it. Iodine is another mineral we need that will help you grow up to be strong and clever.

Salt helps us preserve food.
Can you name food that your family uses that is preserved with salt?

Salt can be made from drying sea water.

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Sea salt can be made by drying sea water in Ghana.

Rock salt comes from under ground. There is a lot of rock salt in the Sahara Desert.   Rock salt has been transported from Mali and across the desert on camels for centuries .

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This toy camel  from Somalia is made from clay. 

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 This painting of a camel is thousands of years old.

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For centuries camels have carried salt from Timbuktu across the dessert.

People have always traded with spices because we all want our food to be delicious! Many spices are also good for your health. It is easy to preserve spices by drying them and they are light to carry. 

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