Donna Ogunaike

Copyright Donna Ogunaike

DONNA is a lawyer and a poet. She uses words and songs to help people tell their stories. DONNA the poet raps and sings.

Remember that when you wash your hands you must use soap and wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. Can you make up a poem or song that last for 20 seconds about hand washing ? Here is a poem that DONNA has written for you !

Copyright "Wash Day” Carlton Murrell Barbados


I am thankful for the sun,

I am thankful for the soil,

I am thankful for the way they play,

And come back down as rain.

I play inside their playfulness,

And wash my clothes sometimes,

A splash of soap,

and “WHOOSH” from the the foam,

that forms around my fingers,

And in this way,

I clean and play,

To drive the bad virus away !

Copyright Anthony Habis “Soap Suds and Bugs” mural. Children in Abeokuta, Nigeria


So everyday,

I scrub away,

Every little scary thing.

I splash and splosh, 

I do not rush,

And rinse my fingers clean.

Copyright UNICEF/UNI280305/Cote d'Ivoire


I sing as I do this,

For I am not new to this,

I do it at least six times a day.

Now rub your hands together,

And sing as the soap lathers.