Why does soap chase the germs away?

You will need :


Dried pepper.

Dish Washing Soap.

A pencil and paper.

1. Put a little water into your dish.

2. Sprinkle the pepper onto your water. See how it floats? This is because the surface tension on the water makes it float.

3. Stick your finger into the dish of water and pepper. Did anything happen ? Imagine the pepper flakes are germs. Did some of the pepper flakes stick to your finger?

4. Now dip your finger into the liquid soap and then put your finger back into the water.

5. What happened this time when you put your soapy finger into the water? The soap chased the pepper germs away! Soap breaks up the surface tension of water which is why it can chase away germs. This is why you must always wash your hands WITH SOAP!

All good scientists and engineers make observations of their experiments. Can you draw a picture of your soap experiment?

Copyright Tolu Ami-Williams and Sifon Ediomoo-Abasi

Here is a large painting of hands soap and germs, what will your picture look like?