Patch Work

The patterns on indigo Adire Eleko fabric tells stories.

Adire Eleko : Ibadan, Nigeria

Kano and Oyo States in Nigeria are well known for their indigo fabrics. Indigo comes from the indigo plant that grows in some states in Nigeria.


Emboidery from Kano, Nigeria

We are going to  make a patchwork story using materials you can find at home.

You will need:

1. A piece of fabric 20cm x 20cm.

2. Ribbons, strings, beads, buttons, other bits of fabric.

3. A needle and some thread.

Copyright Polly Alakija


1. Draw your design on paper first.

3. Create your design out of scraps of fabric.

5. If your family and friends all make their own squares, you could join them all together to make a large patchwork.

2. Cut a neat square of any fabric 20cm x 20cm.

4. Get stitching! Add buttons and beads or anything you find that you can stitch on !

Copyright Polly Alakija

Copyright Bamigbade Gafar Babatunde

” It’s In Your Hands ” by Sarah , Ogun State, 2020