Soap Bubbles!

Copyright “The Wonderful World of El Anatsui”. Brooklyn Museum, New York, USA.
Remember to wash your hands regularly with lots of soap! Lets make an “El Anatsui” sculpture that will remind us to make as many soap bubbles as we can! You will need: Plastic bottles, fabric scraps ,starch, scissors and string.


1. Take a plastic bottle and cut it into rings.

2. Cut strips of fabric around 2cm wide.

3. Dip strips of fabric into the starch and wrap the fabric strips around the plastic bottle rings.

Copyright Polly Alakija

4. Make LOTS of fabric rings. Join the finished rings together with string.

Copyright : Artwork by Ayinde Micheal, Photo by Gideon Ogunfeyimi
Copyright Olumide Onadipe

Other artists, such as Olumide Onadipe have also been inspired by El Anatsui.