The jollof at the bottom of the pot will be at the top of the cooler tomorrow.

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What do you have in common with a child the same age as you in Italy ?

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What do you have in common with a child in India or China ?
We all LOVE rice! Half of the people in world eat rice. That is three and a half billion people. 

This number looks like this : 3,500,000,000 !

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Did you know that rice is the seed of a type of grass?

Where does grass grow? 

Grass grows almost everywhere so rice can also grow almost everywhere.
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Rice can be long and thin or short and fat. It can be sticky or crunchy. It can be white, brown, red, black or purple.

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Rice needs lots of water to grow. In some countries paddy fields mean that water can flow from one field down to the next. 

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Because rice is a seed it can be stored for a long time. So long as mice don’t get to it! 

This illustration from Indonesia is 1,200 years old. It is carved from stone. Can you see the mice eating the rice?

The rice we like to eat LOVES water. One kilogram of rice needs about 4,000 litres of water to grow. Thats 4 times the amount of water you use every day!

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Some of us eat rice every day as our staple diet.

Some of us eat rice for special occasions.
We all love jollof !
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In Italy risotto is made from rice. 
Here is a green risotto.
Can you imagine green jollof ?