What does your rice pot look like ?

What is in your rice pot ?

What does your kitchen look like ?

What was in your Great Grandmothers rice pot ?

What did her kitchen look like?

Copyright Sithembiso Sibanda Zimbabwe

This pretty kitchen is in Zimbabwe.

Copyright Chebyshev1983

Do you use gas, electricity or firewood for cooking?

Copyright Mamb Zuri 2016

Can you paint a picture of your Mother cooking?

Let us tell a paper chain story.

You will need:
1. Paper.
2. A ruler.
3. A pencil.
4. Tape.

1. Draw strips of paper of different lengths using a ruler.

2. Cut out your strips and put them in order.

3. Start with the shortest strip. This strip is all about you! Draw yourself, your cooking pot, your kitchen and put todays date.

4. The next strip will be all about your Mom. The strip after that will be all about your Grandmother.

5. Join your chain links together.

6. You can cut out arms and legs.

7. You have a paper chain story person.