Hello Stéphane! Bonjour Stéphane!

Stéphane is from Cotonou.  Stéphane speaks French.

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About 140 million people across Africa speak French in 34 different countries.The French language was brought to Africa through colonialism. Cotonou is the largest city in the Republic of Benin. It lies between the Atlantic Ocean and Lake Nokoué.

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People here eat lots of fish. The food in Benin is a mix of African, Brazilian and European flavours. Smoked fish can be eaten with Moyo sauce which is made from tomatoes and peppers or you might eat Ago Glain, a stew made with shellfish and crabs and served with fufu.

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The capital city of Benin Republic is Porto Novo.

In Porto Novo there are many old Brazilian style houses, built by Afro-Brazilian returnees.

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It started as a fishing community but it became a centre for trade. Slaves, palm oil and cotton were traded here.

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