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Hello Timilayo! Ekaro Timilayo!

Timilayo works at Alliance Française de Lagos.

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Timilayo speaks YORUBA. Yoruba is spoken by 55 million people in Nigeria and around the world. Lagos is near the equator so it is hot all year round! Lagos has one of Africas busiest sea ports. Yoruba people have lived here since the 15th Century, It has become home to people of different ethnicities from all over Nigeria, from West Africa and for returnee ex-slaves from Brazil and the West Indies.

21 million people live in Lagos. The name “Lago” means “lake” in Portuguese. Portuguese traders first came to Lagos in 1470. Lagos became a major slave trading port. Lagos became a British Colony in 1862. It became the capital of Nigeria and remained so after independence in 1960. In 1991 the seat of government moved to Abuja but Lagos remains the commercial capital of Nigeria.

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People around the world dance to the afrobeat music of Fela Anikulapo Kuti who played his music at “The Shrine” in Lagos

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Here is the Lagos State Coat of Arms.

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A Coat of Arms can tell a story.

The “Keremesi” White Cap represents the Traditional Rulers of Lagos State.

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Once upon a time Lagos was home to fishermen and pepper and coconut farms. Surrounded by water and beaches, cowries shells were used for trade.