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Port Harcourt is the Capital City of Rivers State.

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Rivers State is full of Rivers! It is also full of lots of different dialects. It is known as the state of “300 tongues”. From being a fishing community, Port Harcourt became a centre of export of coal export during the Colonial Era and then crude oil. This meant that Port Harcourt became a large city.

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You can still see some old colonial buildings in Port Harcourt.

 The Bole and Fish Meal is a combination of roasted plantain or yam and roasted fish, it is eaten with a spicy palm oil stew. It is largely eaten in Port Harcourt as a snack or main meal depending on the event or time of the day . 

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And everyone loves boats in Rivers State. In May boat owners compete in the Port Harcourt Boat Regatta.

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Rivers State is known as the State of 1000 masquerades. In Port Harcourt every December there is an annual carnival. Everyone comes out to celebrate the culture of Rivers State.