What tools are you going to need ?

Collect things your children can use to make things with. Plastic bottles, bits of cloth, bottle tops, thread, buttons, old paper and magazines.
Keep these items neatly stored in a clean container. Use a separate container for each thing you are collecting.
Give your children a mat on the floor and make this the “Learning Mat”.
Copyright Wasiu Quadri

These children are using a banana leaf as their learning mat.

Give your children a set time every day when they can do activities on the “Learning Mat”.

Children must always sit down when they are cutting. Never use scissors to point at someone or something. When you carry scissors the “mouth” of the scissors must be in your hand.

It is great if your children help at home, on the farm or in the market. Get your children to make a record of all the activities they do at home and celebrate them when their chart is full.

Keep reminding your children to wash their hands before and after any activity.

If you have a spare note book make a family diary. Each day ask a family member to write or draw something about what happened that day. The whole family can do this!

Celebrate your family by drawing a family tree together.

Copyright Polly Alakija

Download and ask each member of the family to draw themselves in this family tree.